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If you’re currently using Microsoft Excel as your database, you probably want to rethink this. Excel is a great tool for creating spreadsheets and performing calculations with restricted data sets, but it’s not the best database tool. However, many people continue to use Excel as a database because it’s simple and familiar. 

Luckily, you can upgrade to Microsoft Access, a database management system that stores information. Access is user-friendly, even for beginners, offering a similar look and feel to other Microsoft products. And, you can convert your Excel spreadsheets to your database. 

Let’s discuss the biggest signs that your business or organization has outgrown Excel and why a database program like Access is a better fit.

Your Workflows are More Complex 

Excel works fine for simple, linear workflows. But once your workflows become complex, it’s time to upgrade to a database program like Access. This way, you can easily enter or display information for various types of related information. 

Your Data is Growing 

Once you start to accumulate large amounts of data, it’s time to move away from Excel. Excel has a limitation on the number of records per sheet, and it can suffer performance issues as your data grows. You can separate the data into many sheets, but this eventually becomes a big headache, especially if you can’t make sense of your data. 

There is Less Security

Another shortfall with Excel is its lack of security. Excel does give you the option to password protect your spreadsheets, but it’s a delicate system. However, there are tools online that make it easy for people to unlock protected files without having to know the password. To protect your data, it’s worth moving up to Access. And, you can choose what permissions to give each user. 

Collaboration is Difficult 

Collaboration is a lot more difficult on Excel than it is on Access. Even when you use multi-user editing or store your spreadsheet on a shared server, it’s easy for errors to happen. One of the most common errors: people overwriting each other’s work. If you require multiple users to access your data, a database program is the way to go. 

Your Tasks are Tedious 

Do you feel that you’re spending more time having to complete tedious tasks on Excel? This doesn’t have to be your norm. Database programs like Access have tools and features to make you most productive with your time. You can automate many of your tasks and reduce redundancies by storing related data. 

These are just some of the reasons why Excel is not the best solution for your database. We understand that it’s familiar and easy to understand, but there are better options out there. If you’re looking for something simple and user-friendly, you’ll feel right at home with Access. Contact Arkware today to learn more about your database options.