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Free Microsoft Access Construction Job Management template

The Job Management database provides a uniform method to track customers and jobs related to construction management. The database tracks all customers and associated jobs and provides a template append process for quickly adding recurring job tasks.

The database also has several billing options that include job tasks, job time, job expenses and job fees. It also includes professional proposal sheets and invoice management as well as a variety of revenue and billing reports. 

Contact an Arkware specialist to determine if the fit is right for your needs or download a copy to try. For more information, review the demonstration videos below.

This Construction Job Management template is available free-of-charge.  To obtain a copy of the MS Access template CLICK HERE

This example screenshot depicts the customer information page which contains all necessary fields to track relevant information. It will also provide all job management for any given customer..  With a comfortable layout, this screen includes help descriptions, easy navigation to other related pages and buttons to activate other built-in features.

The Arkware Construction Job Management template is designed to be used by any size organization and accommodates many types of customers and organizational structures requiring a job management tool.


  • Full, working template at no Cost
  • Simple, easy-to-modify, MS Access forms and reports
  • Complete customer tracking
  • Job management tracking
  • Customer and work order search
  • Multi-Choice job types
  • Job tracking for Estimator
  • Ability to assign crews to a job
  • Job evolution through job dates
  • Add job tasks via job templates
  • Job tracking for work performed, job fees, materials, time
  • Job invoicing and job payments
  • Customer reporting for job revenue and job payments
  • Contract revenue and Invoice reports
  • Jobs follow up reports
  • Payments, Aging and Customer Statements

Screen Shot Gallery

The job management information displays all key fields and data that encompass all job information. It gives the ability to display the job at any point in time. The user can view all elements of the job which include the work being done, miscellaneous expenses, job time, job fees, etc.
The work order search screen provides a variety of fields to search for any specific record. Some of the fields included to search include Job ID, Customer Name, Job Start Date and Job City, etc.
The invoice screen shows all items for a particular job order. It provides all the details that will be billed to a particular customer. It also can apply payments to a particular job.
The database has a variety of reports. The main report screen provides several options. The reports can provide data regarding job revenue, invoiced items, jobs being billed and other financial reports.