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What are Database Dependencies?

Even though database dependencies are common, they are known to confuse students and database professionals. Fortunately, they’re not as complicated as they seem - you just need to get used to working with them. Let’s learn more about database dependencies, why...

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How to Design a Travel Website Database

The pandemic has put a lot of stress on the travel industry but things are finally starting to look up. Recovery takes time and goes in phases, but the future is bright. According to this article, luxury travel is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry....

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How to Establish Table Indexes in Databases

Using table indexes allows you to find information within your database faster and more efficiently. The two indexes most commonly used in databases are unique and non-unique. To ensure you're using the indexes correctly, it’s important to know the difference between...

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What are the Benefits of Having a Sales Database?

A sales database is a software program used to store information about prospects and customers. Thanks to these databases, there are many opportunities for businesses to optimize their sales relationships and reach more success. But in order to see results from your...

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Microsoft Access – The Basics

Easy Development for Non-Developers As is typical of the many applications developed by Microsoft, MS Access has been designed to be intuitive for the user.   With many in-program wizards, help screens, drag and drop features, and even online training tools provided...

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How Does Database Corruption Happen?

A corrupt database is a database that has lost some of its data or functionality. Seeing a corruption message is extremely concerning, especially if you don’t backup your files often. Fortunately, there are many ways to repair a database without losing valuable...

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