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Microsoft Access – The Basics

Microsoft Access – The Basics Easy Development for Non-Developers As is typical of the many applications developed by Microsoft, MS Access has been designed to be intuitive for the user.   With many in-program wizards, help screens, drag and drop features, and even...

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Poor Practices in Database Design

A program like Microsoft Access makes it easy to build a database that is fast and optimized. You can choose from the available templates or create your own. If you use a template, all you need to do is plug in your information and voila! If your needs are more...

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How to Repair a Corrupted Access Database

Is your Microsoft Access database giving you problems? If your database has become corrupt, is having trouble opening or is prone to errors, rest assured that there are ways to get back on track with an efficient, reliable database.  The Arkware team has extensive...

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INDUSTRY: Plumbing and Septic Services LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota COMPANY SIZE: 1-10 Employees KEY REQUIREMENTS: A low-cost solution encompassing Contact Management, Service Records, Custom Fields, and Centralized Data. DAN’S PLUMBING AND SEPTIC Implements...

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7 Good Tech Habits All Employers Should Adopt

February 9th is Safer Internet Day, a day to recognize the importance of internet safety. It’s easy to take the internet for granted because it’s such an integral part of our everyday lives and embedded in almost everything we do. But it’s still important to adopt...

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Building A Microsoft Access Database

Where do I Start? A general rule for creating a database (or a database feature) is to envision the minimum solution needed to satisfy the goal.   Keeping it simple applies especially to beginners.   If you want to build a system for Tracking Sales Leads, don’t add in...

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How to Compact Your Database So it Runs Faster

As time goes by, it’s only natural that your database file is going to grow larger and larger. Some people assume that by deleting information, their database will shrink down, but it doesn't work this way. Access doesn’t just remove the space once occupied by your...

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5 Microsoft Access Tips and Tricks

All programs seem to have some sort of time saving tips or special shortcuts and Microsoft Access is no exception.  The casual user may not be aware of many of these tips, so at Arkware, we have shared a few query tips and tricks.   Top Values Setting When in the...

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