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Database Encryption: The 3 Types and Why You Need Them

Encryption is a way of scrambling data so that only authorized parties can understand it. To an unauthorized user, encryption will make the text appear random. As an example, the word “hello” may appear as “SNifgNi+uk0=”. The word “hello” is in plaintext, while the...

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Building and Maintaining an HR Database

Microsoft Access is a software program that lets you build and manage databases. It’s relatively easy to use and has a similar look and feel to other Microsoft products. This makes it a suitable choice for beginners or those who don’t have a lot of computer...

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5 Uncommon Microsoft Access Tips for 2020

Whether you’re building an Access database for the first time or learning to work within a custom-built template, it helps to know the ins and outs of how the program works. There are many Access tips available online, but today, we want to focus on tips that are...

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5 Reasons Microsoft Access is Great for Startups

Are you launching a new business? Good for you! This is an exciting time, though it may feel overwhelming until things get up and running. As you get closer to opening your doors, everything will need to be in place. This includes the database you plan on using. The...

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How Databases are Used in Ecommerce

Databases are an important part of running an ecommerce business. They are used to store, analyze and manage key information about products, sales and customers. By having this information accessible to you, it’s easy to make intelligent business decisions. You can...

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How to Make an Inventory Database on Access

If your business has been using spreadsheets to track inventory, you may be ready to move onto a more powerful database program like Microsoft Access. Inventory databases are important for several reasons, including storing details and quantities of the products you...

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4 Ways Inventory Databases Benefit Retail

Retail businesses large and small benefit from well-organized inventory databases. This type of database holds crucial information about a business’ inventory, such as what the products are, how many quantities are in stock and their supplier. By using an inventory...

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