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5 Powerful Features of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access sometimes has a reputation for being too streamlined and basic. But it’s actually far more powerful than people realize. While Microsoft Access may not meet every organization’s needs, it can accommodate many. And it’s likely that you’re one of them! ...

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Should I Be Using Macros or VBA Code?

When you create a database, you’ll start by making several database objects like tables, forms and reports. You’ll eventually need to add some programming to automate certain processes. The decision to use macros (macroinstruction) or VBA (visual basic for...

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Is Microsoft Access Still Relevant in 2020?

With so many different databases - Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL - you may be wondering if Microsoft Access is still worth using these days. The Access database application was first launched in 1992. At the time, it was considered an innovative application at an...

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Duplicate Data Problems and How to Fix Them

The most common data quality issue is duplicate data, which can come from importing or exporting errors or mistakes from your team. Duplicate data doesn’t always get the same attention as inaccurate or incomplete data, but it can be just as troublesome. Plus, there...

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How to Spring Clean Your Database

It’s not just your closets and drawers that need spring cleaning - your database does, too! Cleaning and organizing your database may not be the most exciting thing on your to-do list, but it’s one that you will thank yourself later for. By completing this task, you...

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5 Benefits to Enjoy When You Upgrade Your Database

How long has it been since you last updated your database? If it’s been a while, you’re probably due for an upgrade. Outdated databases are vulnerable to security breaches, redundant data, inaccurate reporting and other errors. To ensure you are taking advantage of...

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Why Every Small Business Needs a Database

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you are assessing the benefits of having a database to streamline your customers and audiences. For many new business owners, a database isn’t the first thing on their minds. However, as time goes on and businesses grow,...

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