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Could You Benefit from a Custom Database Application?

If your company works with a lot of data, it’s likely that you can benefit from a custom database application. Custom applications can be created around your company’s operations, with the goal of providing more efficient processes and superior data management.  When...

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Migrating Your Access Database to SQL Server

Microsoft Access is an excellent “step up” from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It provides users with software tools to create and manage their business tasks, such as tracking inventory, payroll and customer transactions.  However, there are limits to Access. As your...

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Why You Should Limit User Access for Your Database

It can be tempting to give all employees full access to your database, but this is definitely something to avoid. The more people who have access to your data, the more at risk your data is. Just one mistake can cause you to give access to unauthorized users or those...

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5 Practical Database Tips for Beginners

If you’re just getting started with databases, the process of creating and managing databases can feel overwhelming. By learning a few database tips and tricks, you can improve efficiency and make your life easier.  You may also find it helpful to hire a database...

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Does Your Business Need an HR Database?

As a business owner, you’ll want to store human resources information in a safe, secure and stable location. Human resources information is sensitive because it contains workplace complaints, disciplinary problems, drug testing, workers compensation incidents,...

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