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How to Prevent Database Downtime

Database downtime can be a nightmare for businesses and organizations that rely on data to run their operations. Not only can downtime lead to lost revenue and productivity, but it can also damage the company’s reputation. About 40 percent of disruptions lead to minor...

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How You Can Use ChatGPT for Database Management

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about ChatGPT, an AI chatbot trained to follow instructions and provide detailed responses. The model allows you to have human-like conversations, as well as ask questions and get help with writing and coding.  Elon Musk admits...

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What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Dataverse?

Data is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re in charge of a nonprofit, small business or large corporation, you can’t do what you do without reliable data. But having data isn’t enough on its own - you need to know how to capture it and collect it in a...

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Migrating Microsoft Access Data to Dataverse

Looking to open up a world of new opportunities with cloud and mobile scenarios for Microsoft Access? The combination of Access and Microsoft Dataverse with Power Platform will do this for you! This combination unlocks hybrid solution scenarios that keep the value and...

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What is SQL Server Express and Should You Use It?

SQL Server Express is Microsoft’s free database edition, and it can be used in the Azure Cloud. It’s a great solution for small server-driven applications. It provides many of the same features of the paid, full versions of Microsoft SQL Server database management...

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Azure SQL vs SQL Server: Which One Should You Choose?

When you need something that’s faster and more powerful than Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL are possible alternatives. Both are relational database management systems, but there are key differences between the two. The main difference is that SQL...

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