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Law Firms

Finding a software solution that perfectly fits every aspect of your distictive Law Firm might be challenging.  Yet, there is a straight forward tool that can address the gaps left by off-the-shelf systems.  Microsoft Access has proven to be a user friendly, viable tool and it can be customized to fit your business requirements.  Whether you have an existing Access database or you want to build a new one, Arkware can help you take advantage of Microsoft Access by unlocking it’s full potential.

Microsoft Access Services

Among our database specialties is providing a full suite of MS Access services.  With over 20 years of experience, Arkware’s team is comprised of developers that provide companies with solutions that meet their budget and business goals.

We can help with tough challenges such as:

  • Set-up and upgrade issues
  • Data corruption
  • Error messages
  • Multi – user environment issues
  • SQL data management
  • MS Access data security
  • Conversion from complex MS Excel spreadsheet processes
  • Build a new Access database

Popular Feature Requests

Add impactful features :

  • Outlook integration
  • Automatic emailing
  • Text blaster
  • Specialized reports
  • Data filters
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Data import
  • SQL integration
  • Process path enforcement
  • System Notifications
  • Timers / Reminders


Why Law Firms use Microsoft Access.

  • Use what you have! Many Law Firms have an existing Access database.  Often times a few added features is all a firm needs to get the best out of their Access Database.
  • Why add a bloated system with costly monthly fees? Microsoft Access is a low-cost and easy-to-use database development application that is included with various versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Custom development using Micrsoft Access is an effective and often overlooked solution to solving a niche database need.

The right tool for the job! 

Whether you’re enhancing your Access database or replacing a system that is currently overly dependent on Excel spreadsheet’s, we will help you by developing a database with the key features you need today.

Let’s work together!

We want to help you overcome your data challenges. Take the next step by contacting us so we can partner together and tackle any MS Access issues you may be encountering.

Customer Success Story

NCM needed to increase productivity and integrate their Microsoft Access database with their other systems more efficiently. Their usual developer became suddenly unavailable, so they called Arkware for help.

We’re a Microsoft partner

As a registered Microsoft partner since 2000, Arkware knows the ins and outs of Microsoft Access. Arkware’s team of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD) provide expertise in analyzing and designing enterprise solutions using the full spectrum of Microsoft languages and development tools.

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