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Case Study: Northland Concrete and Masonry


Northland Concrete and Masonry (NCM) is a commercial concrete and masonry business based in Burnsville, MN and has completed projects in 12 states. NCM is highly awarded for their work, and has the capacity to service any size project. Their growth continues because they are rooted in quality craftsmanship, a good reputation, and routinely exceed customer expectations.


NCM’s biggest challenge is scheduling large numbers of contractors who specialize in different areas of masonry. Their numerous parallel projects make for a large amount of HR paperwork to keep track of who is working on each site at any given time. They recently upgraded their auto-calling feature to auto-texting, but needed to load reports out of their database more efficiently. Their old developer became suddenly unavailable, and NCM brought Arkware in to help.


Arkware went in with their best-practice process: gather all business requirements and develop a solution. They went through rounds of in-house beta testing to ensure the database did exactly what NCM wanted for their day to day business needs. The new database was deployed, and NCM was able to quickly and efficiently pull reports to load into their auto-texting program to keep their workforce on task.

Arkware Advantage

A common problem, especially with Access database users, is that their developers learn new technologies or retire, leaving businesses with a broken database and no easy solutions.

“Working with Arkware has been a night and day difference over the professionals we’ve worked with in the past. We’ve gotten more done in the past six months than we had over the past five years due to Arkware being super-fast, responsive, and truly understanding and solving NCM’s needs.”

– Dan Stephenson, Safety Director

Next Steps

Arkware has been assisting companies for 20 years, and has the team and background to support any client both for immediate projects and ongoing needs. For NCM, the logical next step is to look at a cloud based solution for increased ease of use and efficiency. NCM is familiar with Arkware’s approach and process, so it will be an easy transition.