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A corrupt database is a database that has lost some of its data or functionality. Seeing a corruption message is extremely concerning, especially if you don’t backup your files often. Fortunately, there are many ways to repair a database without losing valuable information. Once your database is repaired, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect this from happening again.

Let’s learn more about how database corruption occurs and what you can do to protect your data and information.

Hardware Failure 

Most causes of database corruption are related to hardware failure. A computer stores everything on its hard disk drive. If this drive fails or crashes for any reason, everything on the disk becomes inaccessible. Some of the most common causes for hardware failure include computer viruses, abrupt system shutdowns, internal bugs and human error.

Software Problems

Sometimes, the problem lies within the software itself. If you have a corrupted SQL database, there could be a problem with SQL server or changes in the server account. Viruses and malware can also affect the SQL database. However, it’s usually corruption in the MDF files (primary database files) that is the problem. Manually repairing the database is possible, but if these don’t work, you’ll need a database repair expert like Arkware.

Poor Database Design 

It’s also possible to experience database corruption when your database has a poor design. If you’re having trouble with your database, consider who built it for you. If it wasn’t a database expert like Arkware, it’s possible it has issues like:

  • Little to no normalization

  • Improper selection of primary keys

  • No domains or naming standards

  • Poor or missing documentation

  • Improper storage or reference data

Human Errors 

The more users you have on your database, the more opportunities there are for corruption. Some of the most common sources of human error corruption are accidental data deletion, storing the SQL database in a compressed folder, upgrading software from an older to newer version or adding invalid data. Not installing the proper updates can also cause problems.

Arkware Can Help with Your Database Challenges 

If your database is corrupted, contact Arkware for a consultation. We can determine the reason for the corruption and the best ways to repair your database. We can also talk about a more reliable backup strategy and perhaps a new database that is built to your company’s needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about repairing your corrupted database.