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Did you know that as a Microsoft Access user, you can migrate your data into Power Apps and Dataverse? It’s true – customers who have the latest version of Microsoft 365 and Office can make use of the Dataverse Connector and migration tool. 

These tools, provided as part of Microsoft Access, make it easier to migrate tables, relationships and data. Setup takes just minutes, and all of the migration is handled for you. These capabilities were rolled out earlier this year and give Access users new abilities they didn’t have before. 

For example, Access users can now access the following: 

  • New security and compliance. Thanks to Dataverse cloud storage and role-based security, Access users have better security. 
  • Real-time sharing and editing. Users can share and edit Access data using cloud-based data stores, with front-end ups created in Access, Power Apps Mobile and Microsoft Teams. 
  • New front-end app scenarios. These scenarios work on mobile devices or with Microsoft Teams. 

Importance of Migrating Existing Data 

Almost all users who start working in Power Apps or Dataverse have existing data. This is why it’s important to have the option to incorporate existing data, rather than starting from scratch. By offering easier ways to migrate Access data to Power Apps, customers can do more with their data. 

For instance, they can implement apps, workflows and virtual agents, as well as perform analytics on data. Once migrated, the data will behave like any other Dataverse data. And, all forms and queries in Microsoft Access will continue to work like they always do. This way, there are no interruptions to daily operations. 

How to Take Advantage of Power Apps and Dataverse 

To take advantage of these new capabilities, you’ll need an existing Power Apps trial environment, PowerApps license or Power Apps installed as part of your Microsoft Teams license. Confirm with your administrator that you are using the latest software. 

Once you have updated your Access application you can start migration by clicking a table and selecting Export and Dataverse. You’ll then have the options to migrate your Access data to Dataverse or Dataverse for Teams. 

Dataverse for Teams is a common platform that delivers a targeted set of features needed for creating apps, flows and more. However, if you need more capabilities than this, you may want to consider upgrading to Dataverse. You can learn more about the differences between Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams in this article

Learn More About Data Migration 

Even though there are always rumors going around that Microsoft Access is phasing out, this isn’t true, and the latest capabilities prove this. Access users can now migrate their data into Power Apps and Dataverse and do more with it than ever before. To learn more about these updates, schedule an appointment with Arkware