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Upgrading from Microsoft Access to SQL Server may make sense for your business, especially if you’re experiencing substantial growth. Yet before you make the move, it’s important to ask the right questions, as not everyone needs the upgrade. Despite what some people think, Access is capable of handling fairly sophisticated tasks, so it’s possible that you may be just fine with what you have.

Below are some important questions to ask before advancing to SQL. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact Arkware. We are database experts, and we can help you choose a solution that works for you!

Has your business outgrown your current database?

An Access database will start to show its limitations once you get close to the 2GB limit. Size isn’t the only factor that can affect performance. A poor design or demanding processing requirements may also decrease performance. If you notice that your database is limiting your efficiency, it’s probably time to upgrade it.

Are you anticipating significant growth?

If your database is handling your current expectations but you are anticipating heavy growth, you may want to consider SQL to meet these needs. The reason for upgrading ahead of time is so that you won’t be slowed down when the orders come rushing in. Still, it’s important to be realistic about your goals and whether the growth will really need an upgraded database.

Does the database do what you want it to?

As your business grows, your needs will change. That’s a given. But don’t think that a database like Access won’t move along with these changes. Microsoft Access offers many enhancements that can make the database work for you with no need to switch over – at least yet.

Do you have a stable network?

Network instability often appears as performance problems, so upgrading won’t necessarily be a cure. If you’re noticing things like lost connections, slow access and slow performance, it’s possible that network problems are to blame. Before upgrading your database, check your network, otherwise you’ll end up with the same issues. Upgrading your network may actually be better than upgrading your database.

How many users do you want to support?

Access can support around 20 users at a single time. If you want to have 20+ users on your database at once, you will benefit from an upgrade. SQL not only allows for more people to use the database but also more open actions.

Do you have the budget to support an upgrade?

Upgrading to SQL can be expensive. It doesn’t always have to be, but you will be paying to upsize your database and probably the cost of the software and its licensing fees. You may need new hardware, as well as in-house support to administer the database. Since this can be expensive, especially for small and medium sized businesses, make sure you can afford the cost.

Do you think that upgrading from Access to SQL is the right move for your business? Or do you feel that Access may support your goals with a few enhancements? Contact Arkware for your free consultation and learn more about your options for upgrading.