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Databases are a useful tool for construction companies. By using a database, businesses that work in construction can take a proactive approach to data collection and management. This way, they can have the edge over their competitors, ensuring they take advantage of every available opportunity. 

If you work in the construction industry and are looking for cost-effective database solutions, look no further than Arkware. We are offering our clients a free Microsoft Access Construction Job Management template to help track customers and construction jobs. Let’s learn more about the benefits of using a database and what to expect from our FREE template! 

Importance of Databases in the Construction Industry 

One of the hardest parts about working in the construction industry is the competition. The construction industry faces tough competition when it comes to securing contracts. But without contracts, you can’t reach your goals, so it’s important to manage your resources with care. This is where a database management tool becomes especially important. 

The benefits to having a database include:

  • Manage current and upcoming construction projects, including cost 
  • Store the names of construction companies, vendors and subcontractors 
  • Make predictions about how conditions may change in the future, such as weather, timelines and schedules
  • Oversee when materials are expected to be delivered 
  • Track productivity to attract and retain top talent 
  • Manage disputes and complaints involving your company 

Why Choose Arkware’s Construction Job Management Template 

Arkware is a leader in database programming, and we’re pleased to offer a free database template that can be used by any size organization in the construction industry. It is a full, working template that is simple and easy to modify. We made sure to provide clients with a comfortable layout, easy navigation and buttons to activate a number of built-in features. 

The features that are included with this template include: 

  • Customer tracking 
  • Job management tracking
  • Customer and work order search 
  • Job tracking estimator 
  • Assign crews to jobs 
  • Payments and customer statements 
  • Contract revenue and invoice reports 
  • And much more! 

To obtain your free copy of our Construction Job Management template, visit this page or get in touch with Arkware at 877-519-4537. We look forward to helping your construction company stay organized, remain competitive and increase profits!