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February 9th is Safer Internet Day, a day to recognize the importance of internet safety. It’s easy to take the internet for granted because it’s such an integral part of our everyday lives and embedded in almost everything we do. But it’s still important to adopt good tech habits that will keep your information safe from hackers. 

Below are seven good tech habits that you and your colleagues should practice daily. 

1. Backup your computer. 

We probably sound like a broken record, but we can’t stress enough the importance of backing up your computer. No one is exempt from data loss, after all. Plus, backing up your files is incredibly easy. You can set it up to have your backups run automatically. This way, if there’s ever a problem, you can revert to your last save. 

2. Keep hard drives and desktops clean. 

A cluttered desktop makes things hard to find and slows down your productivity. It can also slow down your computer. Go through your desktop and get rid of files and folders you no longer need. Or at least condense your folders so that you can stay organized and find information quickly.

3. Avoid getting malware. 

Be sure to install a good antivirus software program on your computer to get rid of viruses and protect yourself from hackers. Even if you’re not getting viruses, you could still be spreading them to others. Here’s a good article on protecting your database from hackers. Aside from antivirus software, also encrypt all data. 

4. Stay safe on public WiFi.

If you have employees working remotely, make sure they stay safe on public WiFi. Chances are, some of your employees will be working from places like Starbucks, but using public WiFi can open up your data to all types of attacks. And, just because your employees use a password doesn’t mean it’s safe. Anyone who is on that network can access your data.

5. Be smart about internet scams.

Make sure that your employees are aware of hoaxes, scams and myths. Scammers are a lot more creative these days, so internet scams are not always hard to fall for. Educate employees on these hoaxes and how to avoid them. If something looks out of place, it probably is. 

6. Know the maintenance your computers need. 

All computers need routine maintenance to keep them in good working condition. Your IT team is responsible for this, but you can do your part as well. Some of the best things you can do include updating software, running antivirus software and backing up your hard drive. 

7. Use secure passwords. 

Even the most secure passwords aren’t that secure. Hackers are much more sophisticated these days so it’s much easier for them to uncover passwords. Also, saving your passwords to your browser isn’t that safe so choose a safe password manager instead. 

Practicing these habits will keep your sensitive information protected. If you’re concerned about how secure your database is, contact Arkware today. We can take a look at your database and make sure that all information is encrypted and secure.