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Case Study: New Look Contracting


New Look Contracting is a second generation, family owned contractor for the Twin Cities area. Since their inception in 1988, they’ve specialized in Earthwork, Demolition, Removals, Saw Cutting, Utilities, Materials, Pavement Recycling and Stabilization.


New Look Contracting has been using a Microsoft Access database that they developed in house to track a number of complex business operation activities like material loads, ticket numbers, job site contact, truck times, material costs, invoices and more. The field team was struggling with tracking change orders, materials, contacts and documents and superintendents were burdened with time consuming administrative tasks as they had to go through a manual process of organizing and finding key information on job sites.

As their business grew, the complexity grew and their need for a more advanced tracking system became apparent as they were unable to solve key issues with their existing Microsoft Access database. New Look Contracting wanted a more efficient, secure and reliable database, including a mobile solution for their field team.


Arkware developed a custom, on-premise information management tool with built in automation, advanced document management, and custom reporting for more efficiency and greater reliability. The system is fully secure and scalable, allowing for growth and additional features that are needed for New Look Contracting.

The new tool allows New Look to go completely cloud based if chosen, and the advanced functionality has allowed the team to cut down on labor used for administrative tasks and managing the database. A mobile version made specifically for field workers and supervisors will give the team necessary information while on site, and search functionalities allow them to rapidly locate and review PDFs, contacts, materials and the most up to date information.

Arkware Advantage

Arkware’s 21 years of database experience allowed us to bring best practices and database managing insights to create a simple, solid, and functional database for New Look Contracting. Arkware’s ability to create a custom database designed specifically for New Look Contracting’s unique business needs gives them the features necessary to manage their complex activities in an organized and efficient manner.

A long history of building web based solutions allowed Arkware to create a mobile application which gives the New Look Contracting field team the information that matters to them so they can stay connected, informed and fully up to date at each job site.

Next Steps

New Look Contracting has divisions of their organization that will soon take advantage of the new management tool with integrations and full adoption. The Arkware team will continue to work closely with New Look Contracting to determine what additional functionalities can be added to continue to streamline their work processes and reduce labor spent on administrative tasks.