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Microsoft Access sometimes has a reputation for being too streamlined and basic. But it’s actually far more powerful than people realize. While Microsoft Access may not meet every organization’s needs, it can accommodate many. And it’s likely that you’re one of them! 

Below are five powerful features of Microsoft Access that you should know. 

1. It’s easier to understand than client-server databases. 

Users don’t need any special training or experience to use Access. Some users have self-tutored themselves while others have learned from their coworkers. Either way, there’s not much of a learning curve thanks to the well-organized templates you can dive right into. If you’re comfortable using Excel, you’ll be comfortable using Access.

2. You can import and export to other Microsoft Office applications.

One of the most useful features of Access is the ability to import and export data from other programs. It’s also fairly easy to combine data, transfer data between two programs and store data over the long-term for future exports. To do this, you can copy and paste objects as well as export objects, which comes with more options. 

3. Templates are available for immediate use. 

The templates that Access comes with are pretty great. They can save an incredible amount of time by not having to build a database from scratch. Better yet, you can still make modifications to the templates to meet your organization’s needs. Both desktop and web-based database templates are available. 

4. The ‘Tell Me’ feature will help you get the most out of Access. 

Even though MS Access is user-friendly, you’ll probably still run into questions along the way. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Access includes the ‘Tell Me’ feature that works as an assistant to help you complete tasks efficiently. It was introduced in 2016 as a way to help users save time and do things quickly and correctly. 

5. Output reports in PDF.

More and more users are sharing databases through electronic image formats like PDF by Adobe Systems and XPS by Microsoft. Using Access, all you have to do is create reports in electronic image files through the External Data tab on the ribbon. Even users who don’t own Access can view the reports in their entirety. 

As you can see, Microsoft Access is a powerful database solution that has many new features. It continues to be user-friendly and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about creating an Access database, contact Arkware today.