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How long has it been since you last updated your database? If it’s been a while, you’re probably due for an upgrade. Outdated databases are vulnerable to security breaches, redundant data, inaccurate reporting and other errors. To ensure you are taking advantage of the latest software and technology, it’s important to upgrade your database software to meet the needs of your organization.

Below you’ll find five benefits to expect when you upgrade your database to something like Microsoft Azure or Microsoft SQL.

1. Get Security Fixes 

Databases are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks because they are usually easy to get through. Organizations don’t update their databases as regularly as other systems, leaving them open to hackers. If this happens, all of the information in your database could be compromised. Thankfully, by updating your database, you can take advantage of the latest security patches. 

2. Utilize New and Improved Features 

Another benefit to upgrading your database is that you will have full access to new features like productivity tools and efficient architecture. When you have these tools at your disposal, you can organize your data and retrieve information easier, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. 

3. Resolve Bugs and Other Issues 

Outdated databases often have bugs and other issues that prevent you from being productive. Fortunately, most updates identify and repair bugs, internal errors and other technical issues. Plus, a database upgrade gives you the opportunity to review your software specifications. Oftentimes, new hardware is needed to support a new system. 

4. Reduce Operational Costs 

There are some updates that save businesses money. For example, some upgrades take up a smaller footprint, reducing storage costs. Others offer more storage and operations than previous versions, replacing older and more expensive hardware. Plus, when employees are able to work faster and smarter, this ends up reducing operational costs as well. 

5. Easier Transition to Cloud Migration

Many businesses start with an easy and familiar database like Microsoft Access and then shift to a cloud-based database like Microsoft Azure. By making this transition, the cloud-based database will be able to adapt to your changing IT needs. If your business needs greater size and scalability, a cloud-based database upgrade is worth looking into. 

Upgrading your database is an essential task that ensures the health and reliability of your database. To discuss your options for a database upgrade, contact the database experts at Arkware.