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Whenever we look at an existing Microsoft Access database from one of our clients, we are interested to see how well-built it is. There are clear signs that tell us whether we are dealing with a professionally built database versus an amateur one. If your application was created by someone knowledgeable and experienced, it should run smoothly and have few problems. If it wasn’t, the result is the opposite. 

Are you curious to know if your database is good enough for you? Here are the signs that your database is reliable and high in quality. 


Data completeness refers to gaps in the data from what was expected to be collected and what was actually collected. A well-built database won’t allow you to submit data unless all data is present. Otherwise, you would have a database with incomplete data, and this would cause problems when making strategic decisions for your business. When all data is complete, you know what you are working with. 


When your data is consistent, it aligns with the expected versions of data that are coming in. Professionally built databases tend to have drop-down menus with predetermined options to choose from. This way, the user can select from one of the options rather than creating their own, ensuring that all data is consistent. 


Data accuracy refers to whether the data collected is correct and produces what it should. Data accuracy depends on the quality of your database, but it also depends on your employees. If your staff enters incorrect data, there will be errors. The good news is that a competent database minimizes the risk for errors. Elements that can be added to ensure data accuracy include GPS location, time stamp and picture capture. 


Data timeliness means that you receive information quickly so that it can be used effectively. Often times, there is a delay between the expectation and the reality. The best way to ensure timeliness is by utilizing real-time data. Anything longer than this is not considered reliable. Real-time data allows your business to make data-driven decisions, so make sure your staff can use data immediately once it has been entered. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can determine if your Microsoft Access database is high quality or not. If you need someone to look at your database and ensure that it’s delivering the best performance, contact Arkware today.