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If you are a property manager, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of your properties. From leasing to maintenance to income, there is a lot to maintain!

To help run their real estate businesses, property managers use databases. But, not all database programs are created equally. Some software is expensive and doesn’t let you customize the program. Other software comes with a learning curve, which means you’ll have to take time out to learn the database.

If your current system is not working for you, consider setting up a database through Microsoft Access. It’s cost-effective, streamlined and powerful. Plus, there are templates designed specifically for real estate professionals.

What are the Benefits of Using MS Access for Property Management?

Microsoft Access is a simple and straightforward database that doesn’t overcomplicate anything. We recommend it to property managers because of the templates available and the ability to track tenants, prices, maintenance and more. Let’s take a more detailed look at the benefits to using Access to manage your rental properties.

  • Efficient leasing terms. When you’re renting out multiple properties, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s leases. What if someone walks into your office and asks about future rentals? A database allows you to rent out your properties efficiently, serving more customers and reducing vacancies.
  • Updated financials. Need a better handle on your financials? A database will help. Keep track of who has paid their rent and who still needs to. Issue extensions or late payments as needed and stay on top of your financials. The last thing you want is a deficit.
  • Streamlined maintenance. A tenant called with a leaky faucet. Another said their AC wasn’t turning on. To keep track of maintenance requests, use a database. This way, you can send the proper tools, equipment and staff to the right properties to make repairs quickly and accurately. This also keeps tenants satisfied!
  • Accessible contact info. Keep your tenants’ account information front and center. This makes it easy to contact them in a pinch and know who you are speaking to.

Using Microsoft Access to Manage Properties

Whether you lease out a few properties or hundreds, Microsoft Access can help. There are templates available for property managers, so find one that is customized to your needs. When you find a template you like, download it and start updating and organizing your information. Communication and collaboration will be improved, allowing you to run a more efficient property management business.

Your software should be working for you, not the other way around. If you are interested in learning more about MS Access and how it can work for your property management business, contact Arkware today.