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If you had to guess, how much time do you think you spend in meetings each week? According to this article, middle management spends an average of 35% of their time in meetings, while upper management spends as much as 50% in meetings. The worst is when you spend all this time in discussions and they prove to be ineffective. Meetings are here to stay, but there are ways to make this time more productive.

Here at Arkware, we spend a lot of time in meetings with clients and each other. It’s important that we offer the best database solutions and meeting together is one of the ways we achieve this. Here are the strategies we use to keep our meetings most productive.

1. Know When to Host a Meeting

Before calling a meeting, we make sure that it’s the best way to solve a challenge or address a concern. If an email or memo will get everyone on the same page, then we will send this instead. We want our meetings to be a valuable use of everyone’s time.

2. Schedule Meetings at the Right Time

We schedule meetings at times when people are less likely to be distracted. Friday afternoons – definitely not a good time to hold a meeting. Research shows that meetings held during lunchtime when people are hungry and distracted are also less productive, so we avoid these times as well. The best times to hold meetings are between 9-11am or 2-4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

3. Invite the Right People

Not everyone needs to be at most meetings. Only invite staff who will benefit from the discussion, such as those who have something to contribute or will be affected by the topic of conversation. Everyone else can use this time to work with clients and complete other tasks.

4. Create an Agenda

Before the meeting, create an agenda and timeline. Share it with the people coming to the meeting so they know what to expect. Having an agenda allows everyone to follow along and stay on topic. If the topic does go sideways, don’t be afraid to jump in and bring the conversation back.

5. Choose a Comfortable Location

We’ve noticed that a comfortable location helps people stay focused in meetings. Choose a bright, well-lit space with comfortable seating so that people aren’t uncomfortable for the next half hour. It’s also a great idea to have a whiteboard or projector screen for everyone to look at during the meeting.

6. Keep Meetings Short

It’s better to have several short meetings than one long meeting. People get bored and distracted when sitting in the same seat too long. Plus, this cuts into the time they could be doing other tasks. Keep meetings to around 30 minutes, if you can.

7. Avoid Lecturing

Remember that you are holding a meeting, not a lecture. So, avoid lecturing and boring your audience. A meeting is a time for everyone to talk, exchange ideas, voice their concerns and more. Leave time for everyone to contribute, which is why it’s important to choose who you’re inviting carefully.

If your business requires meetings, there are ways to make them more productive for you and your employees. By following the strategies above, you can make this time valuable for everyone in the office!