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Microsoft Access comes in handy for many industries, including healthcare. In fact, healthcare is one of the top industries that relies on databases to identify patients, manage lab results and track billing and payments. The amount of healthcare data continues to grow, and databases offer a reasonable solution to keep track of it. Once information is entered into the database, the documents can be shredded, helping medical offices stay in compliance with the latest HIPAA laws.

Ways Databases are Used in Medical Facilities

There are dozens of uses for databases in the medical field. Microsoft Access is able to handle most of them with no flaws. By entering data into an Access database, it’s collected in an analytic format. This way, medical professionals can better understand the data and offer patients better, more efficient care.

Let’s look at some of the ways that the healthcare industry uses databases.

  • Lab systems
  • Financial systems
  • Patient satisfaction systems
  • Patient identification
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Practice management system
  • Ambulatory surgery
  • Claims database
  • HR system

What Challenges Do Databases Solve for Medical Offices?

Databases solve a number of challenges for healthcare facilities. Specifically:

  • Data quality. It’s hard to make sense of overwhelming information. With a database, data can be entered into the system and organized in a way that’s practical and sensible. When you need quick, reliable information, it can be searched for, compared, analyzed and more.
  • Collaboration. Databases make it possible to collaborate with others. Multiple users can look at the same database and exchange ideas, address an account, etc. However, not all users need to have the same access. For example, multiple users can be on the same sheet but only one will have authorization to make edits.
  • Security. Data security is a major concern for healthcare facilities. Having a reliable, secure database is an effective way to keep information safe. Paper documents can then be shredded, keeping in compliance with HIPAA laws.

Healthcare organizations have endless ways to benefit from using a database. To learn more about databases and how they can benefit your medical office, call Arkware today. We’re happy to help and find the best solution for you.