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Microsoft Access is not the only database software program out there, but it is one of the most popular. If you’re looking for something easy to learn and simple to integrate into your business or organization, Access is the one. It’s not overly complicated, and you don’t need a background in programming or coding to create highly customized databases. When Access 2016 was rolled out, it came with an assortment of new templates as well. Find a template you like, and you can literally start inputting data within minutes.

As you consider your options for database management systems, here are five must-know benefits about MS Access.

1. Easy to Install and Use

If you are a small to midsize business, it may not be necessary to hire someone to build a complex database. Access will probably meet all of your needs – and more. When you purchase your copy of Office 365, all you need to do is run the program. In minutes, Access delivers fully functional databases to work with. Like other Microsoft programs, Wizards walk you through the features and tools on Access, including setting up your first database.

2. Integrates with Other Programs

Another benefit to MS Access is that it’s easy to integrate. You can use Access with just about any Microsoft program, though the most popular combination is Access and Excel. For example, you can link an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database or import one into the other. It’s also possible to use Access with non-Microsoft programs such as Oracle or Sybase. Overall, Access is compatible with most products.

3. Economical

Microsoft Access is arguably the most economical database management system available. Your business only needs to pay for the full version of Office 365 for administrator/developer computers. Not every computer needs to have Access. What you should consider is downloading and installing Access Runtime on user machines. This way, users can access your applications. You can save on licensing fees and keep data safe, as users will not have access to the source code.

4. Widely Popular

One of the most popular databases in the world is Microsoft Access. This is a huge benefit because it means that the program receives the appropriate attention in the form of updates, system improvements and more. Also, Access has a similar look and feel as other Microsoft programs. You can easily share and work off databases with employees, clients and partners without much of a learning curve.

5. Ability to Create Apps

One of the most exciting features to Access 2016 is the ability to create and share apps – without being a developer! To improve security and free up physical and digital space, Access lets you move your data to the cloud. This allows you to share information with your colleagues anytime, anywhere. As your business changes, simply update your apps to meet your evolving needs.

Microsoft Access is a powerful asset to any business or organization. If you are considering Access for your company but have more questions about its integration, call Arkware. We are Access experts and we can help find the best database solution for your needs!