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Microsoft Access works with Office 365 to help businesses like yours take control of data. Every business generates data in some form, whether it’s collecting customer information, tracking orders or managing payroll. With new cloud-based data, you can access this information anywhere, whether you’re sitting at home or traveling for business.

If you’re considering upgrading your spreadsheets to Microsoft Access to take advantage of the latest technology, here are some things to know. It’s time to take control of the data you have so that you can make data-driven decisions for your business!

Use Templates – No Coding Necessary!

Some people are hesitant to work with databases because of the coding. This may have been an issue decades ago but not anymore. With Access 2016, you don’t need to hire a professional IT person, and you don’t need to learn code. The templates that come included with Access allow you to build databases quickly and efficiently. Choose the template that fits your needs or create your own.

All Tables, Queries and Forms are There – Just Add Data

Once you choose a template that you want to work off of, you can start adding data in just minutes. Everything you need is there: tables, forms, queries, reports and more. You can make changes to the database to fit your needs, too. If there are forms you don’t need or tables that you do, simply add or delete them as needed. And, with the ability to add data immediately, you can start running reports right away!

Auto-fill Recommendations Make Data Entry Easy

No one wants to spend their time entering in information field by field. Thankfully, Access 2016 has drop-down menus and auto-fill recommendations that make entering data a breeze. Not only is it faster but also more accurate. You can’t rely on your reports if your data is not accurate. This won’t happen when you use the built-in features available with Access. You can finally trust your data!

Create Web Apps for Secure Sharing

You probably want to share your databases with others in the workplace. By creating a web app, you can share your data on any device securely. In a web app, all information is stored in an SQL database, making it more secure and reliable. You can also manage and monitor your web apps using Sharepoint. This helps you keep track of users and their permissions so that data stays secure.

2018 is the year to take back your data! Don’t get lost in the numbers. Data is a great thing, and when you have a program like Access 2016, you can organize this information, make better decisions and work smarter.